Salsa Bar and Grill in Port Douglas.

3 Dec 2019 12:12 PM Salsa Bar and Grill in Port Douglas.

Any restaurant that has been operating for nearly 25 years should be reliable. Salsa is in a gorgeous location overlooking the park across to Dickson inlet with the mountains and rainforest in the distance.

Salsa is a large restaurant divided into sections with outdoor decks and a bar. It has the feel of a Queensland beach house with white timber furnishings, latched windows and pendent lighting. Salsa’s reputation is derived from its amazing and eclectic menu, professional and friendly staff as well as the bustling and vibrant atmosphere.

When David and I go to a restaurant we always know where we will sit, I like to face the kitchen and enjoy watching the pass and the service of meals, and he enjoys the view. In this case, the view was the Poinciana trees, iconic St Marys church and the boats returning from their day on the Great Barrier reef.

We were welcomed by our most delightful waitress Katie, a very wholesome friendly girl from Wisconsin. She ran through the list of specials from memory and made recommendations for the wine. I knew we were going to have a good evening.

Oysters – Natural, Thai style, and my favoured wasabi cream with wakame.

Octopus ceviche, reef fish brained, sweet corn puree, olive and white anchovy salsa, micro herbs. This was the standout dish; the octopus was succulent and the brandade smooth and creamy. The perfect sweet and salty flavours in the corn, anchovies and olives.

Open sand crab dumplings with tobanjan dipper, pickled green pawpaw.

Middle eastern style cured salmon compressed
honeydew melon, mint labna, sumac lavosh.

Variations of Shaylee Strawberries with tablelands passionfruit. Strawberry gelato, panna cotta and passionfruit butter, meringue and coulis. I was very keen to try this as the day before I was picking Shaylee strawberries on the Atherton tablelands.

 Arousing much curiosity, with a continual stream of photographers is this momento of a US presidents visit.

Salsa Bar and Grill

26 Wharf Street
4877 Port Douglas

(07) 4099 4922

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